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Sign up for the Riggin Farm Handmade Soap Subscription Box to receive a new bar every month. With so many fragrance options available this is a great option for people who are indecisive. You can choose to only receive feminine, masculine, or gender neutral fragrances that are good for everyone. We'll be offering some seasonal options like Watermelon in the summer, Fall Spice in autumn, and Peppermint in the winter. Our soaps are typically $5-$7 a bar, so you'll save money with this service.


Soap Subscription Boxes also make great gifts. You can send a personalized message that will be included in the first box to let the recipient know who sent them such an incredible gift! 

Soap Subscription Box

PriceFrom $4.00
Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
3 Boxes
Subscribe and Save 10% or more
$4.50every month for 3 months
6 Boxes
Subscribe and Save 15% or more
$4.25every month for 6 months
12 Boxes
Subscribe and Save 20% or more
$4.00every month for 12 months
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