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Our Animals

We practice permaculture: the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Our animals give to our land & garden, and our land & garden give to our animals. We believe that animals should be raised outside on pasture to experience the elements and benefit from a more natural way of life than that of commercial farms. We never give our animals hormones, vaccines, antibiotics, or dewormers. Sanitary living conditions and natural foods keep our animals healthy without the need for medications. Our farm is still young, so we currently have to supplement our animals' diets with feed (nonGMO, soy-free, & corn-free). As each season passes, the ecosystems we develop will become more and more sustainable & self-sufficient. There is a lot more work and money that goes into this farming practice, but we know that it is the right way to farm. The superior quality of life we create for our animals will translate into superior quality products for our customers and family. 















Chickens are the animal that sparked our interest in farming! We got our first chickens in October of 2019, and by the end of that November we registered Riggin Farm, LLC. At the time we were living in the suburbs and were only allowed to have five hens on our property. Roosters were NOT allowed! We fell in love with our feathered girls before they even had feathers and knew that it was our destiny to start a farm. In December of 2019 we started looking for a new place to call home and build our dream. Fast forward to today: we have 70+ egg laying chickens and several roosters that are NPIP certified. The entire flock is tested every 6 months to ensure they don't have Avian Influenza or Salmonella. Our girls lay the most beautiful, delicious, and nutritious eggs.  Let us know if you're interested in buying hatching eggs or chicks.


Our pigs have a great life on the farm! We currently have two female Berkshire/Hereford crosses that we breed with our Berkshire/Duroc boar. There are currently 20 piglets that were born on Riggin Farm. These heritage breeds yield a better fat-to-meat composition that results in tender, succulent pork! The Wagon Wheel Method of rotational grazing gives them a central area with their feed, water, and shelter where they have access all day, every day. Five gates are connected to the main section that each lead to a separate paddock. One gate stays open for a week, giving the pigs access to about half an acre of wooded pasture to root and explore. When they get moved to the next paddocks the land is given an 4 week break before they return. This gives the land time to be rejuvenated and become more fertile than ever before while the pigs get to snack on the growth their next paddock achieved in the past few months. Numerous scientific studies have proven that pasture-raised pork is significantly higher in Omega-3's than commercial pork. Pastured pork belly has about the same Omega-3 content as wild-caught salmon! The natural way we raise our pigs combined with their genetics result in the most delicious and healthiest pork you'll ever try. We currently have pork available to purchase, so check out the options and place your order for farm pickup or visit us at the Jasper Farmers Market every Saturday and the Bridgemill Farmers Market every Wednesday.


We knew early on that we wanted to raise rabbits and got several when we were told our new home on the farm was just a few weeks from being ready to move in. A local family was getting out of the rabbit business and sold us everything they had for a very low price. It didn't seem unreasonable to drive up to the farm from our old house (53 miles each way!) several times a week to make sure they had plenty of food and water. We would have not gotten these sweet bunnies had we known it was going to take an addition four months before we could move into our new home. We did our best to give them the best life, and now the six adults live in an awesome breeder hutch that we designed and built ourselves. Their babies move into a big open hutch when they're ready to leave their mamas and are available for sale at that point. We are fortunate to have gotten the cutest and sweetest babies. As you can see from the pictures, we get a nice variety from the different litters. Let us know if you're interested in taking home a sweet bunny to have as a loving pet!

Goats & Sheep

3 Sheep_edited.jpg
Masala and Curry 2_edited.jpg

Goats were the animal that made us realize we needed to buy some land and start a farm. Living in the suburbs on less than an acre was not the ideal scenario to raise goats. It took us just over a year after moving to the farm to have the space cleared and ready to add goats. We have four 150' strands of 48" high electric sheep/goat netting that gives our three goats & twelve sheep a little over half an acre to browse at a time. We're going to start on putting up about 3,700' of fencing for approximately 17 acres of our property for the goats & sheep. In 2025, we will work on cross fencing and introducing beef cattle! We plan to breed the goats, sheep, and cows to have access to milk. Any females that are born will be sold live; the males will be castrated and raised for meat. 

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