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Three of our pasture-raised Berkshire/Hereford pigs are going to the butcher in September of 2024. They will be processed in a USDA inspected facility, so you can expect that the highest quality of care was taken to ensure this incredible pork has been handled in a safe and sanitary manner.


You can reserve a whole or half hog and expect to get 150 lb to 200 lb of pork from a whole, depending on the cuts you choose. Our pricing is based on hanging weight, so you'll only be charged for the meat, fat, and bone. Besides the bulk savings, ordering a whole or half gives you complete control over the cuts you get: bone-in vs boneless, pork belly and/or bacon, ground pork or sausage, etc.


Whole hogs are $7.00/lb and halves are $8.00/lb. At the time of pickup you'll be charged as follows: (Hanging Weight x the Whole or Half Price) - Deposit. More complex cuts, curing, and seasoning cost more, so we can't give an estimate until we know the hanging weight and the cuts you select . Choosing to buy individual retail cuts from us will range from $8-$20 per pound. Don't miss out on getting the most delicious, succulent, and healthy pork you'll ever eat!


Learn more about how our pigs are raised here.

Pastured Heritage Pork - Whole or Half (Deposit)

PriceFrom $175.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • All sales are final. No returns.

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