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New Website! New Career???

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

We're All In!

This is it. We have gone all in with the farm. Our new website will help us sell our nonperishable products to a wider audience. The investment in this premium site should pay for itself with all the features it will offer us. It may take a few months or even over a year to break even on the cost, but there is no reward without risk! The main product line that we will be selling on our website is handmade cold-process soap. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the most up to date content and news, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get more detailed information about the posts on the other social media platforms.

What We've Been Doing

Farm work can be quite time consuming. The pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, and dog need to be fed and watered daily, and their fencing and structures need to be thoroughly inspected at least once a week. Pigs can be especially destructive and love to pile sticks and other debris onto their electric fence! We're constantly starting seeds to grow produce and flowers. That is not as quick and easy as it may sound. We have to mix several components to create our soil and then hydrate the concoction for at least an hour. When it's ready, we make soil blocks of various sizes for the different types of seeds we're planting. Some seeds need to be covered, some don't. Not every seed needs heat to germinate. Others require it. A plan is required when combining different seeds in the same tray. Luckily for me (Nick), Ashley is amazing at researching what needs each has and communicates extremely well when we're working together on a project like this. As you may have seen in some of our YouTube videos, we typically plant several hundred or even thousands of seeds at a time. The weather is getting warmer, and many seedlings will be transplanted into our garden very soon. Several seeds will be sown directly into the garden as well. Stay current with our progress by following all that we share!

What We Will Be Doing

You may be asking yourself, "New Career??? What is that supposed to mean? Isn't the farm their new career?" Yes, the farm is our new career. As you may or may not know, Nick left the world of food service management over a year ago and is focusing on the farm. Ashley has continued to work night shift in healthcare during our transition to the new property. She recently took a contract position, but it expires in a few weeks. When that is over she will be working on the farm 100% of the time rather than renewing her contract or taking a full-time position. Being on a normal sleep schedule will not only help her productivity with the farm, but her physical and mental health will drastically improve! Running a farm and raising four kids is tough enough, but doing it all while working a full-time job while everyone else is asleep is exhausting! Soon she'll have more time for the farm, but most important of all she will have more quality time with Nick and the kids! We moved onto 25 acres in the middle of nowhere for a better quality of life. That change is about to pay off!

How You Can Help

We'll obviously have a significant decrease in income when Ashley leaves her job. The farm currently has revenue from the sale of rabbits, eggs, meat, and branded merchandise, but it hasn't even begun to cover the cost of running this business. While our produce, flowers, and soaps will be available in about a month and bring in some money, it won't be anywhere near what we've been earning. You can help support us several different ways:

Thank You!



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